Initially, we plan to fund Election Defense Alliance primarily from individual direct donations, solicited through e-mail appeals linked to a website donation account.

As we grow, individual direct donations constituting the core of Alliance funding will be augmented with major donor gifts and foundation grants.

Additionally, the Alliance will generate income from the sale of message-media products serving the dual purpose of building public awareness of the election integrity movement while generating income.

Supervising the above three streams of income-producing activity will be among the job responsibilities of the EDA director. At such time as growth in resources permits, we may expand national staffing to hire a coordinator dedicated to fundraising, or assign that role to a member of the Coordinating Council.

In our vision of this national election integrity coalition, the local affiliate organizations that will do most of the elections work at the county level will also do most of their own fundraising and be largely self-supporting. The Fundraising Working Group will facilitate the exchange of best fundraising practices, while EDA as a whole generates a national publicity presence that will increase recognition of local affiliate organizations and enhance their fundraising capacity.

As EDA raises revenue in excess of our operating and project budgets, we anticipate channeling surplus funds to support select local initiatives, such as, for example, legal cases with potentially national significance.


Phil Lindsey        MO
Dan Ashby          CA
Vicky Hayen        MN
Sally Castleman  MA
Jeremy Lewis      NY


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