The Communications Working Group is responsible for researching the best quality information on all aspects of EDA’s election integrity campaign, and adapting and conveying this information in various communications media for a variety of audiences and purposes, including (for example) introductory fact sheets on electronic voting for the general public, training materials for election integrity activists, press releases, event promotion, informational radio spots and web videos, print and internet advertising, briefings for elections officials and legislators, and technical presentations in support of legal initiatives.

The Communications Working Group will be a service resource to all other EDA Working Groups, and will work closely with Media and Publicity and Public Education on projects where the functions of all three groups intersect.

Each member of the Communications Group will participate in one or more specialty groups concentrating on different phases of message development and different media forms. These include National Website, National E-mail Network, Research, Writing, Graphics, and Audio-Visual. See detailed descriptions of each further below.

Coordinator: Dale Axelrod    CA


Phill Harrison WA
Robert Lockwood Mills CT
Dan Ashby CA
Richard Bozian OH
Bev Donley TX
Betsy Farquhar OH
Ofer Inbar MA
Dennis Karius NY
Eileen Wilkinson NY
Ginny Ross OR
Roy Lipscomb IL
Alan Frankel MA
Mark Hardin CA

    Communications Subcommittees


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