Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann is an outstanding advocate for fair and transparent elections and one of the rare members of the election integrity movement who is also a widely read and respected historian, author and a media personality. Thom hosts a local progressive talk show in his hometown, Portland, Oregon, every weekday on KPOJ 620 AM and also a 3 hour national program on Air America. His voice is urgently needed in this movement and he finds every opportunity to remind us of the importance of reclaiming our elections. Indeed, his deep study of Thomas Jefferson's writings makes it impossible for him not to comment frequently on how seriously broken our democracy now is, compared to the vision of the Founders. Thom knows, and shares with us everyday, that it is the people who own this democracy, not the corporations. Moreover, Thom stresses in his writings the core truth that "voting" is part of the "Commons" or the "Commonwealth" of the people. Once this commons is violated, as it is today with private corporations counting our votes on secret software out of public view, our ability to exercise our proper ownership over all other Commons will be gone.