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Nancy Tobi

Nancy Tobi is best known as a leader in the national voting rights movement for her seminal work exposing the dangers and fallacies in various election reform efforts past, present and future. She is co-founder, former Chair, and website editor for Democracy for New Hampshire, founder and Chair of the NH Fair Elections Committee. Nancy is also on the Board of Black Box Voting, and is Adviser to Election Defense Alliance and the Election Transparency Coalition. She is the author of "Weary Grace: The Life and Times of an MS-Endowed Democracy Warrior, "Hands-on Elections: An Information Handbook for Running Real Elections, Using Real Paper Ballots, Counted by Real People" and "We're Counting the Votes and You Can Too". Her article about election reform fallacies is included in the April 2008 book "Loser Take All" edited by Mark Crispin Miller. Nancy's Youtube videos can be seen at

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