Sally Castleman, Co-Founder, Co-Director

Sally Castleman began her political work in high school and has never stopped working on campaigns, both for candidates and for issues. Her work on election reform began in earnest during the 2004 election, when she worked recruiting and training attorneys for election protection roles.  After evaluating the issues they reported and observing how Ohio's recount laws were flagrantly violated to falsify the recount in which she participated, she dedicated herself full-time to issues of election integrity.  

She began by working in the greater-Boston area, branched out to work with leaders in other states and soon saw the need for a national body to help coordinate the vibrant but often-isolated grassroots work. Since co-founding Election Defense Alliance, Ms Castleman has focused her efforts on educating election officials, the general public, and decision-makers around the country about the prevailing conditions in our election system; creating and organizing citizen exit polls as a method of validating (or not) official outcomes; exposing disregard by election officials of election law; and helping with strategy and grassroots organizing for many projects. Ms Castleman has appeared on numerous TV and radio interviews, led discussions with many groups around the country about the need for transparency in our elections, and has published several articles.

Ms Castleman served as EDA’s first National Chairperson and is currently its Co-Director. In her professional life Ms. Castleman has many times conceptualized, designed, implemented and managed programs. As well, she has often played the roles of publicist and strategist. She has also been a professional fundraiser.