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We hear it all the time -- "If all this is really going on with our election system, why isn't the media talking about it? Surely there are some good reporters out there who would want to expose the problems with electronic voting, if it's as bad as you say."

Well we have an answer for those questions now. It IS as bad as we say, and the media IS covering it. And better yet, we can hand them a free copy of this DVD and let them see for themselves!

Lou Dobbs does the 6:00 pm new on CNN, primetime on "the most respected name in news." So when they cover a story, it's not by mistake. And when they cover a story over 20 times in the last couple months, they are obviously showing their concern about a very important topic.

Many of the CNN segments on this DVD can also be viewed online in our Multimedia Room

Those who watch Lou Dobbs on CNN know that occasionally he will latch on to an issue and keep covering it until it's resolved, because of its importance to our nation. As an example, Lou has been focusing attention on the lack of border security for months if not years. His focus on this issue has helped force legislators and voters to address the problems at the border and today there is legislation pending in Congress to do just that.

In a similar way, the regular segment "Democracy at Risk" on Lou's show has tenaciously reported on the severe problems with electronic voting - the lack of security on the systems, the unacceptable error rate on the machines, and the questionable practices of the private companies who make them. Every time a new independent study exposes problems with the machines, or an actual election experiences trouble (which is quite often), Lou and Kitty Pilgrim, a regular journalist on his program, are there to report it to the American people.

Lou and Kitty deserve a lot of credit for being the only ones in the "mainstream" media for reporting on this. Those of us in the "other" media salute them for helping inform the public on this issue that is vital to our democracy. Their coverage has given more credibility and recognition to our ongoing fight for open and fair elections.