Election Day Voter Checklist


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Voter Checklist for Election Day

1. Register to vote if you've not done so already. Find out your state's voter registration deadline beforehand.

2. Check with your local Elections office to verify you are still registered
to vote one week before your state registration deadline. If you're
not on the list, please re-register.

3. Bring your photo ID and sample ballot (which you received
by mail) - with you to your poll location. ID requirements vary by state.

4. Ask to vote on a paper ballot, if your polling place has paper ballots.

5. Report any problems to these hotline numbers and ask for help if

Call Toll Free 1-(866) OUR-VOTE / 1-(866) 687-8683 for English and español.

Call Toll Free 1-(888) VEY-VOTA / 1-(888) 839-8682 para la ayuda en español.

6. If you plan to vote absentee, and you have the time, check with your
local elections office first, to find out if you can drop off your ballot at
your regular polling location on Elections Day. Ask the poll worker for a receipt.

ProtectMyVote.org recommends that you drop off your Absentee ballot on Election Day rather than mailing it in. Make sure the signature on the front of the envelope matches the absentee ballot inside. If you drop off your absentee ballot at your polling place or the local elections office, remember to take a photo ID with you just in case. Make sure your absentee ballot has the correct 2008 date on it. If it doesn't, call your local party office or a hotline immediately.

Election Preparedness Kit

Want to avoid another election disaster? The last few elections
have been plagued by unnatural events including electronic voting
machine malfunctions and voter disenfranchisement. So we've compiled
this Election Preparedness Kit with three easy steps you can take to
protect this election from wide-spread disaster.
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Emergency Alert Message Tree.
On Election Day we
might need to call election officials to insist on extra ballots, or
correcting machine problems reported by voters. Put in your cellphone
number, and if something comes up on Tuesday we can send you a short
text message with info on how to speak out. (through our partners at
Working Assets)

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Know where to vote.
Polling places change like the weather. Be sure to go to the right poll
the first time. Click here to find your correct polling place and get
there early to ensure your vote.


National Voter Assistance Hotline.
Write down this number (1-866-OUR VOTE) and take it with you to the
polls. If you see or encounter any problems on Election Day, call
1-866-OUR VOTE. Trained volunteers will be staffing this nonpartisan
effort to provide voter assistance and protect voter rights.

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