EAC, Certification, and Federal Legislative Liaison -- Nancy Tobi

This section will present Nancy Tobi's reports on meetings with state and federal election administrators and elected representatives, on topics concerning the EAC, voting machine certification, and pending federal legislation.

Scroll down for links to Nancy's archived articles, radio interviews, and videos and documents relating to federal election reform legislation,
paper ballot hand-counting methodology, and the New Hamshire election code.

Recent meetings Nancy has attended on behalf of the election integrity movement include:

• National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), Winter Meeting, Washington, D.C.

• Election Assistance Commission Standards Board Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

• Election Assistance Commission, Technical Guidelines Development Committee, Plenary Meeting

• The Election Center, ad hoc meeting, Washington, DC

• Election Assistance Commission, Technical Guidelines Development Committee, Plenary Meeting

The expenses Nancy incurs traveling to these important meetings to observe election policy in formation are underwritten by Election Defense Alliance and allied election integrity organizations including Blackboxvoting.org and Democracy for New Hampshire.

Please consider designating contributions to EDA in support of Nancy Tobi's policy advocacy.

You can read more about Nancy Tobi and view her travel funding request here.

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A copy of Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?", by Steven Freeman and Joel Bleifuss or the newly released documentary DVD on the Stolen Election of 2004, Commander n' Thief, by Tom O'Brien.

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Essays, Articles, Videos, and Interviews with Nancy Tobi on Federal Legislative Issues and Hand-Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB)

Nancy Tobi Articles Archive

We're Counting the Votes HCPB Kit and Videos

Author's Note to "We're Counting the Votes" HCPB Method Kit

"We're Counting the Votes" PDF File Download:

HCPB Videos

New Hampshire Election Manual

Radio Interviews

Nancy Tobi interview with Bob Fitrakis

Voice of the Voters interview with NH SoS Gardner and Asst. SoS Stevens

Interview with Pokey Anderson on Pacifica Radio

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