Protect the Count 2010 - This is what NH is doing; What are you doing in your state?

DID YOU KNOW the computer-based voting machine NH uses to count up to 85% of our votes is the SAME Diebold AccuVote model that recorded minus 16,022 votes for Al Gore in Florida in 2000?

NH state election officials knew. But most citizens and local election officials still don’t know these machines are vulnerable to hacking.

Citizens are spreading the word. Across the country, one person, one town and one state at a time, we are taking back our elections.

Fact: If your community uses a voting machine, it is the Diebold AccuVote. The software is trade secret and takes no oath of allegiance. Nobody sees the votes being counted and nobody knows if the count is real.

Fact: It takes less than 6 seconds for a single untrained person to hand count a single contest on a ballot in a publicly observable vote count. Experienced counters average half this time and good counting teams consist of 2-4 people, significantly reducing the amount of time to hand count votes. And in a public hand count, everyone knows the results are real!

Want to help secure the public vote count in NH? We are New Hampshire citizens just like you, and we all need to help out to make sure we get real election results this year!


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