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Our own "Presidential" debate: How should we elect a President?

The Electoral College vs. the National Popular Vote (NPV) Plan

Special Guests:

Tara Ross, attorney and author, Enlightened Democracy: The Case for
the Electoral College

Sen. Jamin Raskin, MD state senator; law professor, American
University; author, Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the
American People

With comments by

Dan Ashby, ElectionDefenseAlliance.org

Rob Richie, FairVote.org; co-author, Every Vote Equal


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Big state, small state, red state, blue state.

Who "wins" and who "loses" in the "game" of electing a President via
the Electoral College? In a spirited debate among experts, we'll clear
up misconceptions about whether the kind of state you live in matters
when it comes to electing a President and we'll ask:

Why don't we just elect a President via a "National Popular Vote"?

Simple questions. Complex answers.

Guest Bios:

Tara Ross is an attorney and the author of Enlightened Democracy: The
Case for the Electoral College (2004) and a co-author of Under God:
George Washington and the Question of Church and State (2008) (with
Joseph C. Smith, Jr.). Her work has been published in several law
reviews and national newspapers. She is currently a contributing
writer to DallasBlog.com and America's Future Foundation's Doublethink
Online. HYPERLINK "http://www.taraross.com/"www.TaraRoss.com

Jamie Raskin is a Democratic state senator in Maryland. He is also a
professor of constitutional law at American University's Washington
College of Law and director of its Program on Law and Government and
its Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project. He is the
leading proponent of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The
Washington Post has described Raskin as the Senate's "authority on
constitutional issues." HYPERLINK "http://www.senatorjamieraskin.com/"www.SenatorJamieRaskin.com

"Voice of the Voters!" is hosted this week by Lori Rosolowsky.

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