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« Sunday January 13, 2008 »
Start: 5:00 pm
End: 6:00 pm

This Sunday, January 13, 2 - 4pm Central ( 4 - 5 Pacific) we will "Focus on New Hampshire"

The New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, January 8th, has created a reverberating series of stories pointing to possible, even likely election fraud, and both major parties may have been affected.

We will have on as our returning guests Jim Condit Jr. and Walter Reddy, who launched the Primary Monitoring website, www.libertybroadcastnetwork.org just a couple of days before the Iowa Caucus and who were monitoring the New Hampshire primary. Walter was "on the ground" in New Hampshire, and they each have interesting data to contribute.

Also calling in will be VoteRescuer Gregory Gory who was a citizen monitor in New Hampshire, videotaping events of interest.

We will be welcoming callers in between or at the end of interviews. Anyone who was in New Hampshire as a citizen monitor or a voter, who has a New Hampshire story of interest, is especially welcome to call in.

Items related to the New Hampshire primary that we'll be discussing:

* Bev Harris's discovery from Sutton County Town Clerk about the "OOPS! Ron Paul actually got 31 votes, not zero!" and her research turning up the criminal history of one of the principals of LHS, the company that programmed all the Diebold machines in New Hampshire (which counted 81% of the votes)

* Statistical analysis by Election Defense Alliance's Bruce O'Dell, and Theron Horton, of percentages won by Obama and Hillary - the curious comparison of the numbers between the hand-counted "towns" and the Diebold opscanned counted "towns"

* Discussion of YouTube videos - possible manipulation of vote total reporting by media

* "How could the Exit Polls be so wrong?" Discussion of how mainstream "spinmeisters" are creating convoluted hypotheses to justify Hillary trouncing Obama counter to eight exit polls' predictions