EDA Shipping Guide

EDA Guide to U.S. Postal Package Mailing

The mailing rates screenshot below illustrates a particular mailing case but also serves as a general comparative guide to classes of mail service, shipping time, and cost.

Media Mail is the preferred method of shipping, and can be achieved with sufficient forward planning.

Most of what EDA needs to ship back and forth (books, DVDs, paper print products) qualifies for Media Mail handling (defined as non-advertising informational content). Further below, see Media Mail chart with additional information.

Depending on distance to travel, Media Mail shipping time is listed as 2 to 9 days. To be safe, assume 10 days.

In the example shown below, there was not sufficient time for a Media Mail shipment, so the next best option, Priority Mail Fixed Rate, was chosen.

There are four sizes of Priority Fixed Rate mailing packages.  The  "large" square box (12 x 12 x 5.5" ) fit 17 pounds of EDA information materials and shipped from CA to OH for a flat charge of $12.95, plus 65 cents for an added "Delivery Confirmation" tracking number. It arrived in 2 days!

The tracking number enables sender and receiver to anticipate delivery time and to take immediate action if the package goes off course or fails to show up (I've experienced both things happening on multiple occasions).  With tracking, a misdelivered package can be recovered. Without tracking, there is no recourse but luck.  Tracking is cheap insurance, well worth every penny, and should be added to every EDA shipment as standard procedure without fail.

* The Express Mail details page is: http://webapps.usps.com/expressmailcommitments/landing.jsp?origin=94806&...

For Media Mail rates to the maximum of 70 lbs. see http://www.usps.com/prices/media-mail-prices.htm