EDA Supports Request for Recount in Wisconsin High Court Election

On Wednesday, April 20, JoAnne Kloppenburg, the challenger to Justice David Prosser in the April 5 Wisconsin State Supreme Court race, officially requested a statewide recount.

Jonathan Simon, EDA's Executive Director, had analyzed the results of a recent state-wide contest in Wisconsin for Attorney General, and had compared the results with the current contest. His spreadsheet analysis was sent to Kloppenburg and her campaign to help demonstrate how the official results in this current high-stakes race were highly improbable.

We do not, of course, know what the recount will reveal. The ballot chain of custody is a major concern: who has had access to the ballots between the evening of April 5 and whenever it is that the recount will actually take place? Unfortunately there has been plenty of time for ballots to have been swapped out and replaced. Judy Alter of Los Angeles, an active EDA Coordinator, continues to work with union leaders in WI to play a role in helping protect the ballots. She had previously organized them to help protect the count in a few key areas of the state.

Election Defense Alliance is prepared to offer any support or assistance asked of us.


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