Project Post - Ohio

Project Post - Ohio

Now that many Ohio counties are using touch-screen voting equipment, we need, more than ever before, the ability to audit the election results!

One simple method is to have BOE's post their election restults at the polling place, so that the public can observe, tally and analyze precinct-level vote counts and compare those tallied results with the "central counts" coming from the BOE's.
Encourage your county board of elections to post their precinct-level election restults at the polling place on election night.
(If your county uses touch-screen voting machines, they may need to make a slight change in their "aggregation" processing at the end of election night. For Cuyahoga, the change is reflected in two statements added to the booth-official training manual, as seen here.)

We need volunteers to:

  1. Lobby your county Board Of Election -- get your county BOE to commit to posting precinct-specific election results at the polling place. (Feel free to use the template - a letter used for Cuyahoga County BOE.) Or just show up at their board meetings, and keep asking them.
  2. Commit to being an election-night "data capturer" - i.e. going to a specific polling place at the end of election day, copy results from / digitally photographing the posted report, and get this information to your supervisor. See an example of the information you will be capturing and the data-collection form here. A sample (template) data-collection form can be found here.
  3. Recruit, train and organize "data capturers" from your county and other counties. Forward them the letter found here.
  4. Help collect results from "data capturers" on election night.
  5. Participate in logging, importing and analyzing "captured data" on election night.
  6. Other management and election-night activities.

To volunteer for any of these activities, go to the volunteer-registration page or send an email to:, specifying which activities you would be able and willing to do.

(updated 7/11/06)