Georgia Supreme Court To Hear VoterGA Suit, July 13

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The VoterGA lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Georgia's all-DRE voting system, is one of the most important election integrity legal cases in the nation.  After years working its way through the Georgia courts, this case is coming before the Georgia Supreme Court for an oral argument hearing this coming Monday, July 13th.

The VoterGA coalition is seeking donations to cover at least some of the considerable legal expenses they've incurred.
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A Message from Garland Favorito and VoterGA

Hello All VoterGA Supporters,

This is the final reminder about the oral argument hearing on Monday July 13th at 10:00 am in the Georgia Supreme Court.
This is a great chance to be a part of history, experience a rare opportunity and make a good impression on the court.

The hearing will be primarily for the lawyers to make brief comments and the justices to ask questions. The arguments are more of a formality since the case will be decided by the content of the briefs, not what is said in the courtroom. We do not expect a written opinion. That will likely come later when a ruling is issued.

There are three possible outcomes, I can think of, two of them good:
  1.  The court may uphold the lower court rulings;
  2.  The court may grant us a trial with instructions to the lower court based on the 17 errors of fact and conclusions that we disputed in the lower court’s findings; or
  3.  The court may overturn the denial of our original Summary Judgment motion and grant us a victory which cannot be appealed by the state.

We have reviewed the Appellees brief and will dispute over 40 claims in their Statement of Facts, Summary and Arguments. We plan to file a supplemental document outlining these areas of dispute if the court allows. When facts are in dispute, a trial must be granted to us as the Appellants.

The Appellees identified a couple of additional cases that partially support their claims to deny our Motion for Summary Judgment, but the bottom line is this: All U.S. Supreme Court case law requires strict scrutiny of counting and recounting complaints. Strict scrutiny shifts the burden of proof to the state, and they cannot bear such a burden in light of the evidence collected.

Nevertheless, it may be somewhat difficult to get the state to rule against itself in spite of the law and evidence we present in our written arguments. Should we still receive an unfavorable ruling we have the option of taking a subset of the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Georgia Supreme Court is located across the street and around the corner from the state Capitol.
The address is:
40 Capitol Sq SW # 507
Atlanta, GA 30334

Courthouse Map and Directions:

Click here for more detailed map

On a final note, although Walker and Todd are working for a fraction of what this suit really should cost, we are still a couple of thousand dollars short in the effort to pay the legal costs of the Georgia Supreme Court appeal.

It would be tremendous if we could collect enough to cover this deficit by Monday, the day of the hearing.

Many of you have already taken up the challenge and become sustaining members of this effort. I am asking that everyone spend a few minutes this weekend to contact someone you know who cares about this issue and try to personally solicit a donation.

As always, contributions to VoterGA are tax deductible and we are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, so that 100% of all donations goes directly to offset the legal expenses to restore the integrity of elections in Georgia.

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Thank you,
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