AZ Dem Party Election Integrity Committee Mtg

2008/02/19 - 19:00
2008/02/19 - 21:00

AZ Democratic Party Election Integrity Committee Meeting
Tuesday Feb. 19th 2008 6:00 p.m.
Central Arizona College, Room T111
[north side of campus]
All Are Welcome

Confused over Sequoia BPS (Ballot Preparation Software)?
An issue has been raised with the Secretary of State whether this component of the Maricopa County elections system is certified. The SoS decided that she has issued her opinion and will not be attending.

Karen Osborne, Elections Director of Maricopa County, will present one side, and Dr. Tom Ryan will explain his concerns.
Dr. Downing, chair of the committee, will moderate. There will be diagrams so that non-technies will get a great education.

Exit 1-90 on I-10. Go east 3 miles, then north on McCarthy, turn left.
(55 min south of the Capitol and 1 hr north of Tucson).

Info Contact:
Dr. Ted Downing
Chair, Arizona Democratic Party - Election Integrity Commitee
1 520 323 8766