Voice of the Voters -- Holt, Freeman, O'Dell

2008/01/16 - 18:00
2008/01/16 - 19:00

Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12), Dr. Steve Freeman, and Bruce O'Dell

* Will Emergency Bill Help Avert 2008 Election Disaster?
* What Happened in the New Hampshire Primary?

on "Voice of the Voters!" Wednesday, January 16, 8 pm Eastern

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Part I: Rep. Holt describes how emergency bill can help avert 2008 election disaster

U.S. Congressman Holt this week will introduce an emergency bill (see fundamental provisions below) that he says will address the lack of hand-marked paper ballots in certain states including Pennsylvania. As it stands, in disputed elections in some areas, the only figures available are what comes out of the machines. Will this bill avoid a repeat of the nightmare scenarios of Ohio and Florida in Pennsylvania and many other paperless states?

According to Rep. Holt, the bill gives counties the option to replace paperless DREs with hand-marked paper ballots and gives them the funding to do so. Officials and activists who support the bill fear it may be weakened (radically rewritten) in committee, while others believe the measure doesn't go far enough or too far Will it be changed significantly in committee? Can it pass in time? Who supports/opposes...why? .What about DREs with paper?

Part 2: Was the 2008 New Hampshire Primary Stolen?

Dr. Steve Freeman, author of "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" will discuss the controversies surrounding the January 4 New Hampshire primary. Dr. Freeman, a University of Pennsylvania professor, will provide an up-to-date analysis of post-election data. and be joined in discussion by Bruce O'Dell on current status, next steps, and potential impact.

As always, the incomparable John Gideon of Voters Unite will be on hand to share up-to-the-minute voting news and analysis you won't hear anywhere else.


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