"We're Counting the Votes" Handcounted Paper Ballot Videos

"We're Counting the Votes" Handcounted Paper Ballot Demonstration Videos

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These videos are made available by Democracy for New Hampshire to promote the use of hand-counted paper ballot election systems nationwide. The videos show the easy, transparent, observable, secure, and fair nature of this method of vote counting when done within the community by members of the community and administered by good and honest election officials.

What you see in these videos is the civic and community component that is present in proper election administration, as well as the
methodology. Our hope is that people will begin to remember the heart that is the grassroots, community-centered American election.

Click These Links to Watch the Videos (requires Windows Media Player) or download the video files from the links further below

Lyndeborough (~18 min.)
A ballot-by-ballot tally method of hand counting, 980 ballots cast and counted in under four hours with 100% volunteers (no budget item for the town)

State Recount (~10 min.)
Demonstrates the ballot pile method of hand counting; 22,024 votes cast and counted

Wilton (~10 min.)
Ballot-by-ballot tally method of hand counting, 2,274 ballots cast and counted

These videos are DFNH copyrighted material of Democracy for New Hampshire. They are being made available for download and distribution for personal and educational purposes, but they may not be downloaded and used or repurposed for any form of financial gain whatsoever by any individual or organization.

All videos are in .wmv format. To download videos from Internet Explorer, right-click and select "Save target as" or from Firefox
select "Save link as." Choose the location on your hard drive where you want to save the videos and click "Save."

Download Video Files Here
Lyndeborough, New Hampshire (43MB)

Wilton, New Hampshire (28 MB)

New Hampshire Statewide Recount (23MB)