Promote EDA News Subscriptions With a Link Added to Your E-mail Signature

Help Build EDA's Support Base with Every E-mail You Send

Add an EDA Newsletter Signup Link to Your E-mail Signature

Because we send and reply to so many emails each day, your email signature is a great place for an invitation to join the EDA subscriber list.

A signature is the text that is automatically added to the bottom of an e-mail, and usually includes your contact information.


Dan Ashby
Director, Election Defense Alliance,
Phone: 510.233.2144

Imagine the number of new subscribers we could add to the EDA mailing list, if everyone you e-mailed was presented with an easy way to subscribe to EDA e-mail announcements.

Your Name
Coordinator, Election Defense Alliance,
Phone: 111.222.3333
EDA News and Alerts: Click Here to Subscribe for E-mail Updates

Here’s How to Do It:

1. Drag/Select, and Copy this complete line of text: EDA News and Alerts: Click Here to Subscribe for E-mail Updates

a. Underlying the underlined phrase "Click Here to Subscribe" is code for the hyperlink link that points to the actual EDA Constant Contact subscription form.

b. For your information, that link is:

2. Immediately PASTE the above phrase (the whole "EDA News and Alerts . . . " expression above) into a blank, HTML-enabled e-mail message, to temporarily store the code.

(If your E-mail only produces "typewriter text" with no pictures or color variations, you are using only the Plain Text mode. Check Preferences in your E-mail appliation to learn how to turn on full HTML capability).

3. Go to the Help section of your E-mail application and look up Signature.
The general procedures are similar, but steps and locations vary by E-mail application.*
You should find directions there for setting up a signature block to add as a standard feature in all your outgoing messages.
[* Example: Step 5 below]

4. Follow the directions for setting up your signature block.
When ready to add in the EDA subscription link to the signature block you are making,
retrieve the EDA subscription text block you stored in Step 2 above, and copy and paste into your signature block.

5. Here, for example, are the instructions for setting up a signature block in Microsoft Outlook:

Adding the URL for your signup form to your email signature in Microsoft Outlook:
Note: This option is not available in Outlook Express.

1. In the main Outlook window, select Tools > Options

2. The Options window opens. Select the Mail Format tab.

3. In the Signatures section, click on the Signatures… button. The Create Signature window opens. Click on New…

Note: For this example, we’ll create a new signature. To update an existing signature, click on Edit…

4. The Create New Signature window opens. Type a name for your signature and choose the Start with a blank signature button, then click on Next >

5. The Edit Signature window opens. Type in your signature text, including your invitation to subscribe.
Example: EDA News and Alerts: Click Here to Subscribe for E-mail Updates

6. Highlight your invitation line, [in this case, the hyperlink "target" phrase "Click Here to Subscribe" ] right-click and choose Edit Hyperlink…

7. The Hyperlink window opens. Type in the URL for your signup form.
[in EDA's case, that link will be: ]

Click OK.