Citizens for Democracy - Temecula Valley (CA)

Citizens for Democracy-Temecula Valley
32204 Calle Resaca Dr.
Temecula, CA 92592

"With persistence, and perseverance, you will be successful." -- Tom Courbat, Executve Director of SAVE R VOTE

A Brief History of Citizen Election Monitoring in Riverside County, CA

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Whereas Election Defense Alliance (EDA) is national organization of election integrity advocates and groups, and

Whereas the effectiveness of the EDA is directly proportional to the number of organizations affiliated with it, and

Whereas a primary purpose of EDA is to promote and support open, fair, legal, transparent and auditable elections, and

Whereas EDA has requested that as many organizations as possible with concerns about election integrity affiliate themselves with EDA, and

Whereas the goals of Democracy for America-Temecula Valley (DFA-TV) include open, fair, legal, transparent and auditable elections, and

Whereas the DFA-TV has an election integrity project entitled SAVE R VOTE, and

Whereas the goals of the EDA and the goals of DFA-TV are closely aligned,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Democracy for America-Temecula Valley hereby officially affiliates itself with Election Defense Alliance.

Passed this 20th day of September, 2006 in Temecula, CA.*

_____________________________ ______________________________
Maxine Ewig -- Coordinator Jerry Ewig -- Coordinator

*Note: Democracy for America-Temecula Valley changed its name in late 2007 to Citizens for Democracy-Temecula Valley (CfD-TV) but remains the same organization. The election monitoring group SAVE R VOTE is a project of CfD-TV.

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