Joint BBV / EDA precinct tally project

Proposal for Protect the Count Project, project partnered with EDA and BBV
Needed: Project Coordinator
Project: Recruit volunteers to help protect the vote count when the polls close and afterwards. Coordinate with Black Box Voting, youth voting movement and other organizations to implement vote count protection strategies. Provide online sign up, and downloadable toolkit and quick start guides to support volunteers.
As noted in the project kit (to be provided):
This kit will guide you in joining, or continuing to be among, the ranks of citizens actively engaged in the mechanics of democracy: our elections.
• Learn about the four categories of voting systems used in the nation
• Identify the category of voting system used in your state
• Learn how to protect the integrity of the ballot chain of custody and the vote count against vulnerabilities in the category of voting system used in your state
• Follow step-by-step instructions to become a citizen election watchdog
• Learn how to be part of the 2008 Election Poll Tape Posse, Seal Tracker, Switch Monitor, and Problem Child Watcher citizen watchdog teams
• Report the posted totals, by video, camera and other; video and post any denied access
• Report to Youtube/Video the Vote, BBV, and EVP Exit Polling teams
• (Connect with any legal or logistical assistance necessary)

Position: Administrative Project Coordinator
Requested: $4,000 from Threshold Funds at EDA
Required: a minimum of 3 weeks at full time, possibly hired through a temp agency (to cover insurance, taxes, etc.)
Job Description: Create Protect the Count kit and quick start guides
Identify and create list of state/city leaders
Prepare documents in concise printed format
Skills Required: Telephone and online research skills
MS Office (power user)
Desktop publishing (desired but not necessary)
Supervision: Nancy Tobi, and Bev Harris, Sally Castleman
Importance of Project: This project is designed to recruit a new generation of citizens engaged in the election process. We will be working directly with several organizations in the youth voting movement, as well as other progressive (not necessarily EI) groups.
Importance to EDA: Project will develop new generation of election integrity activists
Project is critical to election integrity in November’s election
Funders like collaboration with other EI groups
Black Box Voting specifically asked to partner with EDA