Updating Your Web Account and Coordinator's List Subscription

1. Always copy to Dan@ElectionDefenseAlliance.org and also Webmaster@ElectionDefenseAlliance.org when reporting a web or mail list problem

Shadow and I both have site Admin access.
If one of us doesn't see or respond to a problem report, the other one will.

Let me repeat my suggestion often and previously stated:

Add webmaster@ElectionDefenseAlliance.org to your address book
and routinely CC the webmaster whenever writing me about a web or mail list technical problem.

>> Why not do it now while you're thinking about it?  

2. Coordinator List-Serv addressing mechanics are separate from those for EDA website accounts

Your Coordinator list access is based on your e-mail address.  Your web account access is based on your Username.
This separation of list serv from website is not  unique or
unusually specific to EDA. It is the way things are usually done, and
for good reasons.

Please NOTE, everyone already has access to update their own Coordinator list subscription information

Use this link, which is clearly posted at the foot of  every Coordinator piece of mail: 


That will take you to a page with directions and
options for altering your address or other features of mail delivery
for your Coordinators list-serv account.

NOTE: You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address and the password you chose when you first joined the list.(I've
reproduced further below in this message,   what the relevant
portion of that subscription settings page looks like.

3.  Your EDA web account access is based on your Username and password.
Your access of the site is not determined by your e-mail address.
       HOWEVER, your e-mail address is part of the information stored
in your personal EDA web account profile. It is the address that EDA
would use
       to send e-mail to you from within our database of web-account users.

       If your e-mail address that you registered with changes, and you
do not update your own e-mail, you will not receive E-mail sent to you
       from within the EDA user management system*.  
            *( Note: This
is an internal EDA list, different and separate from the EDA Newsletter
mailing list).

       Therefore, you should update your own account information, using the "My Account" link

This link is presented in the Account menu  displayed in the leftside column on every EDA website page.

Subscribing to Coordinators

Subscribe to Coordinators by filling out the following form.
You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. Once confirmation is received, your request will be held for approval
by the list moderator. You will be notified of the moderator's
decision by email. This is also a private list, which means that the
list of members is not available to non-members.

    Your email address:  
    Your name (optional):  
    You may enter a
    privacy password below. This provides only mild security,
    but should prevent others from messing with your
    subscription. Do not use a valuable password as
    it will occasionally be emailed back to you in cleartext.

    If you choose not to enter a password, one will be
    automatically generated for you, and it will be sent to
    you once you've confirmed your subscription. You can
    always request a mail-back of your password when you edit
    your personal options.
    Once a month, your password will be emailed to you as a reminder.

    Pick a password:  
    Reenter password to confirm:  
    Which language do you prefer to display your messages? English (USA)  
    Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily

Coordinators Subscribers
(The subscribers list is only available to the list

Enter your address and password to visit the subscribers list:

Address: Password:   

To unsubscribe from Coordinators, get a password reminder,
or change your subscription options enter your subscription
email address:
If you leave the field blank, you will be prompted for
your email address